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Balamandir (Boys & Girls Home)
It is proposed to undertake few charitable works by the temple such as starting of Balamandir where in 30 under-developed, unnourished, downtrodden poor boys and girls are given free residential education. There are cases of girls living without father and mother and this center will be of great help to such families. A new culture could be developed and living standard of many could be improved. The center will also give training to the residents on self-employment and render support service in getting loans etc.
Estimated Cost
Boys Home Building        Rs 4,60,000.00
Girls Home Building Rs 4,60,000.00
Teacher's 2 No's( Monthly Salary) Rs 10,000.00
One time food in a day Rs 800.00
Expense for a child (Yearly) Rs 12,000.00
Fixed deposit for One day Food Rs 14,000.00